Start saving on Mastercard rates today!

Great news! CFIB members are now eligible to save on Mastercard transactions — 12.5% on Mastercard’s “Electronic” rate for Core card transactions, and as much as a 22% on some premium cards.

Why? Because you’re a CFIB member!

Now, CFIB members get the same rate with Mastercard as Canada’s largest merchants. We have used the bargaining power of our 109,000 member base, who collectively generate over $3 billion in Mastercard sales annually, to negotiate exclusive savings on the “interchange” rate charged by Mastercard to payment processors.

How do you get the deal?

If you’re a CFIB member with Chase Paymentech on CFIB pricing – do nothing! Chase Paymentech will automatically pass 100% of the applicable savings on to you.

All Other Payment Processors

The CFIB member special Mastercard rate is available to with many payment processors in Canada.

  • If you would like to explore your options and see how much you could save with CFIB preferred pricing from Chase Paymentech, call them directly at 1 888 317-9535 for a free, no-obligation analysis.


  • Contact your payment processor and confirm that they will offer the CFIB special Mastercard rate. See the list of confirmed processors. You will need to provide them your CFIB member ID.

For more information, visit or contact us at 1 888 234-2232 or

Not a member yet?

Join CFIB now via the appropriate link:

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CFIB members can now enjoy Mastercard’s BIG BUSINESS rates!

I am very proud to announce an agreement directly with Mastercard to allow CFIB members to benefit from special rates previously reserved for individual merchants with over $3 billion in transactions. This goes into effect starting April 3rd, 2017. This deal represents a 12.5% savings from Mastercard’s base “electronic” rate, and as much as 22% savings on some premium cards.  The result will be millions in collective savings exclusively for CFIB members, helping your bottom line.

If you are a CFIB member already on our plan with Chase Paymentech, the rate reduction will be automatic. If not, click on our CFIB Mastercard page to learn more, including how to access this important new benefit. Also, please let your fellow small and medium-sized business owners know that they can get these great rates too if they become a member of CFIB.  They can inquire about membership at or, if they have been in business for two years or less, they can check out CFIB’s My Startup program for new businesses.

After years of member action, research and media attention on the high cost of credit card fees, CFIB members have achieved many important victories. But we’ve never stopped in our advocacy for additional reductions. This is another great example of what can happen when thousands of independent business owners stand together.


Dan Kelly, CFIB President