How Does Facebook Marketing Work?


If you have a business and are looking for ways to boost your online sales, Facebook marketing is one of many online marketing strategies that are designed to drive traffic to a target website and in this article, we give you a basic outline of what is involved with Facebook marketing.

Boosting a Facebook Post

This is perhaps the most popular way of advertising on Facebook; you simply choose you total budget for the campaign, plus you select how many days the campaign will run for. There are many other variables that you can use to define the users that will see your post on their Facebook feed, such as:

  • Age and sex
  • Geographical location
  • Language
  • Countries

There are other variables like retired, professional and choosing these enables you to filter the users that will see the post. How costly is Facebook advertising? To boost one Facebook post to reach 30-40,000 users would cost $20-30 and when you have checked all the variables, proceed to publish and the post will be placed on suitable users’ feeds.

Calculating your Budget

Prior to doing anything else, you need to decide how much you are willing to invest in the campaign and the bigger your budget, the more people you will reach. You might be a little reluctant to invest a lot at first, which is natural and if you engage the services of a leading SEO agency, you are far more likely to receive the desired response.

Range of Posts

You might wish to use text only, or create a short video to promote your business and products, or even an animation. You can manage multiple ad campaigns from a single interface, which allows you to view the stats, while the best results come from engaging Facebook marketing in Perth from a leading SEO agency. Using a company that specialises in social media marketing will assure that your campaign is a success, as they have a wealth of experience in designing and running Facebook ads, which leaves you free to focus on other aspects of your business.

Creating a Large Following

This is the goal of every company with a Facebook account and by using a social media marketing company, you have everything you need to build a very large Facebook following. This might take a while and with daily posting of engaging content, users will follow your page and see everything you post.

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