Duplex plate stockist

Duplex Plate is a stainless steel material made plate used in a variety of applications. These plates are manufactured as sheets and stocked. They are easy to produce as sheets than smaller plates. The larger sheets are needed for some applications like tankers and storage containers. But most applications require the sheets be cut down into required smaller sizes. So the duplex plate stockists stock these either in large sheets of smaller cut to size plates. There are different types and grades of duplex steel material. Each corresponds to different mechanical properties and use cases. The different grades belong to three major groups of duplex. There is the standard duplex plate which is used the most in the market, the lean duplex which is used mostly in construction and architecture and there is the super duplex which is used in the other industries.

The duplex steel is a combination of ferritic and austenitic phases of steel. The metallurgical microstructure provides better strength and corrosion resistance than both the austenitic and ferritic steel types. Therefore the duplex stainless steel sheet can be used in applications which require high anticorrosive properties and high strength. Industries like the transportation industries and construction industries use them primarily for their low wear and tear and strength. Other industries use them for the anticorrosive properties. The marine and sea water applications are good examples of anticorrosive use cases. The duplex stainless steel plate price varies according to the plate thickness, steel grade and the market factors.

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