Social Media Street Smarts – Build a Plan to Grow & Protect your Brand

As of July 2015, the world’s population was 7.3 billion. There are currently over three billion internet users and of that 2 billion with an average of 5.54 active social media accounts per user (Source: brandwatch). Social media users rose by 176 million between 2015 to 2016 (Source: brandwatch). Popular social media platforms have become a significant marketing asset for companies and although some would like to avoid the inevitable, it is no longer optional for businesses.

With an in-depth knowledge of this distinct communication channel, businesses may reap the benefits to which social media provides. Such benefits include: increased customer engagement, informal market research via customer comments, community formation, search engine visibility, sale acquisition and the ease of connecting with new audiences. Creative and effective campaigns have the power to foster strong communities and thus, have the potential to create a strong brand presence in a matter of a few months.

But what happens when campaigns don’t go according to plan? The backfire caused by social media disasters can be all too painful, public and may indeed harm the future success of your brand. As internet and social media users, we have all been witness to the dangers of the social media environment. An “oopsy-daisy” can be viral instantaneously and result in a social media disaster which may harm a company’s image, reputation and following in less than 12 hours. Frequently (or Many times), a recovery plan is in our back pocket for every scenario except for social media. If we’re not active social media users or have a weak social media presence, are we deemed safe from the dangers of the social media environment? No. Hence, an effective social media recovery plan is of the utmost importance in protecting your brand against the power of virality and social sharing.

In the  webinar, Social Media Street Smarts – Build a Plan to Grow & Protect your Brand, Kevin Smith, Chief Marketing Officer for Selectcom  informs, educates and directs small-medium businesses on the most effective way to successfully approach, build and influence your social media audience. As well, he discusses the imperative topics of social media recovery planning, the impact of recent social media disasters and provides important takeaways for your business.

Grow your social media street smarts by watching this webinar here:


Kevin Smith is the Chief Marketing Officer at SelectCom.  Previously he was the Chief Story Architect for, Kevin helps start-ups, small businesses, and social enterprises unleash their story to secure customers and investors, by helping them understand what their core customer story is and then helping them get their story to market.  His services include branding, messaging, marketing strategy, SEO, Content and Social Media marketing, presentation and pitch design, web design, lead generation, sales coaching and business development.  Kevin is also an educational workshop facilitator at MaRS, a volunteer advisor at the RIC Center, HumberLaunch, and UTM i-CUBE, as well as a frequent speaker at Small Business Enterprise Centers.  He previously worked at Dell for 14+ years in enterprise sales and marketing


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