Fraud is everyone’s business!

Although March is dedicated to Fraud Prevention across Canada, CFIB is committed to fraud prevention year round.

Did you know:

  • one in five small businesses has been victimized by fraud?
  • small businesses, on average lost $6,200 to scammers last year per incidence?
  • small businesses spend an average of $2,900 on fraud prevention per year?
  • more than half of business owners impacted by fraud say the stress and hassle associated with fraud is worse than the financial losses?

That is why CFIB wants to create awareness about small business scams and provide you with fraud prevention tools that you can use. Visit our webpage for a collection of our extensive fraud prevention materials. Including….

  • Our research report Fraud – A big threat to small business that shares findings on how fraud affects the small business owner. Be sure to check out our infographic that features some of the report’s findings.
  • A free credit card fraud prevention poster that we encourage business owners to print out and share with their staff to limit payment fraud. We believe the key to preventing fraud losses is knowledge, awareness and staff training.
  • Videos we co-created with the RCMP on credit card fraud and small business phone scams.

CFIB cares about your business. If you have questions about fraud or want to help improve fraud prevention in your business contact our team of Business Counsellors by calling 1 888 234-2232 or by emailing us at


Jocelyn Rhindress is the Regional Team Leader of Business Resources for Atlantic Canada. In her more than six year career with CFIB she has answered thousands of member inquiries. She grew up in a household supported by a small business and understands the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship. Jocelyn thoroughly enjoys finding answers, solving problems, giving advice, and supporting members. She is proud to be a part of CFIB where she promotes the vision to be the most courageous, connected and influential voice committed to the growth of Canadian Entrepreneurs. 

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