Small Biz Bravo

Is there anything more endearing, more disarming, more bonding, or more dog-gone Canadian than the phrase “thank you”?

We certainly don’t think so.

Enter the scene, Small Biz Bravo! Bravo is a warm, huggable teddy bear, created by CFIB member Warm Buddy, but whose constitution is forged in the fires of oppressive red tape, whose character was shaped by perseverance, and whose symbolism is a testament to victory. Bravo isn’t just a thank you to Canada’s red tape warriors, Bravo IS one.

By nature, the regulations and paperwork that weigh-down a business owner’s ability to operate are not headline grabbing issues. You will never see James Bond zip-line into a library full of cumbersome legislation and torch it, nor will you see Mel Gibson starring as renegade Scotsman who leads an army of kilted peasants against the tyranny of red tape’s rule. But “death by a thousand paper cuts” is very real and as threatening to small business as any movie villain.

Small Business Bravo is a fun, albeit serious, ‘thank you’ that CFIB will be giving out to those across Canada who have gone above and beyond to cut red tape on behalf of small business. On December 5th, Bravo made his its appearance, in thanks, to the Mayor of Colwood, Carol Hamilton. Mayor Hamilton created a permanent business license where small business owners in Colwood only have to register once, eliminating the need to renew each year. This may seem like a small change to the layperson, but to a business owner who faces payroll remittances, GST and PST remittances, WCB code updates, bylaw changes, and reams of red tape, this can alleviate pages of paperwork, hours of time, blood-pressure units of stress, and of course, dollars of money. Bravo Mayor Hamilton!

Has anyone you know gone out of their way to cut #RedTape for #SmallBiz? Let us know! Visit to nominate a deserving #RedTapeWarrior, or tweet us @SmallBizBravo and follow Small Biz Bravo on Instagram to see where Bravo is headed next!

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