10 tips to take advantage of email marketing during the Holiday season

logo-ci-v-rgbNovember his come to an end, and as a small business owner, you might fear that you will soon be too late to send out your Holiday campaign… With the help of this little guide, here’s a way to achieve your goals and send great holiday e-cards to generate greater opportunities for your organisation!

A lot of small business owners ask “Are holidays a great time to send emails?” It’s actually one of the best seasons to do so. Your contacts will feel important and it could even be an excellent opportunity to increase your sales. So keep reading, these tips will surely inspire you!

1. Holiday e-coupons

The Holiday seasons are about gifts, so adding a promotional coupon to your electronic holiday cards can be very effective . Pre-Christmas sales and Boxing Day specials, such has a 2 for 1 or a free item or free shipping or even 15% off, could be added as an “exclusive offer” to your e-subscribers. Keep thinking that there are a lot of ways to make your coupons perceived as a special gift that can make your customers happy and bring more business to you.

2. Suggest your gift card or certificates

Your customers are searching for gifts that they will give to their families and friends. It’s time to suggest them your gift cards as a good alternative. You could offer a special discount on the purchase of your gift cards or even a free card for those buying a certain quantity. If you don’t have gift cards, you could sell gift certificates to increase your sales during and after the holiday season.

3. Thanks! Simply say it to your readers

What a great idea to use the holiday to humanize your relationship with your customers by saying a big fat “Thank You!” Take opportunity of that period of the year to enhance your customer relationship.

4. Announce a Super Saturday on the 24th!

This year, the calendar is favourable and the 24th will occur on a Saturday. Why not use that day to throw a Super Saturday with extended hours in the morning. Early birds could get exclusive offers like free coffee and 10% off for every sale. All that before 9 am. What a great way to serve more clients this busy day.

new-picture5. Create a holiday video with your staff

Take your iPad or your smartphone and get creative by recording a video. People will love the efforts you’ve thrown into that original piece. Maybe wearing that little elves shirt will be your opportunity to get that wanted role in your local talent show. Send a link to access that little piece of art thru your emails.

If you have not yet received an elves shirt as a gift, you can buy this marvellous one at http://www.tipsyelves.com/mens-ugly-christmas-sweaters

6. Make 2017 a great and happy year

If gifts and Christmas rebates are not relevant for your kind of business, use the opportunity to send out your best wishes for the upcoming year. Sharing a story about 2016 or your dream for 2017 can help your customers discover and understand better your business.

7. Make an advent calendar!

Start on the 1st of December and send daily emails with different content. Use them to set the sense of urgency to buy your products with a countdown based on your Shipping deadlines, limited discounts or an affordable or inspiring pre-sale item. The Free Shipping email is not the only way to make your patron act faster.

8. We miss you! Turn the situation to your advantage

Passive subscribers are tough to reactivate, but at the same time they are a sleeping Gold mine. Why not use the opportunity of the Holiday season to reconnect with them through a specific email with a special offer to re-engage them with your business?

9. Start your email marketing or move it up to the next level with Holiday cards

Cyberimpact offers you many professional designed templates to support any kind and any style of emails or virtual card you want to send. So activate your free account to send easily and freely your Holiday cards and discover how email marketing with Cyberimpact is easy and very effective.

10. Don’t forget yourself

You work hard all year round to develop your business and serve your clients. The Holiday season is the perfect time to redeem yourself with the love and care of your relatives.

Season’s Greetings to you all!

If you’re a member of CFIB or CFIB’s My Startup program, don’t forget to take advantage of FREE HOLIDAY E-CARDS from Cyberimpact and CFIB!


cfib_jf-lalondeA sports enthusiast since early childhood, Jean-Francis was a provincial tennis champion in 1991 before heading to Lynn University in Florida to study marketing. He returned to Quebec in 1995 to study urban planning at UQAM where he was the first to use a website to present his final Bachelor’s degree project.

In 1997, he launched Cyber Generation, a web agency that relies on innovation to meet the diversified needs of its customers. Its versatility meet the needs of small local businesses, large Canadian and American companies, as well as sport and media celebrities such as Serena Williams, Louis-Josée Houde and Georges St-Pierre.

In 1999, Cyber Generation acquired Complice Interactif, a similar web company started by Stephan Lestage.

Jean-Francis is in charge of sales and strategic partnerships, a responsibility that maximises his talents as a negotiator and his sensibility to the needs of others.

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