The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Hiring: Sourcing Candidates

jobs%20news%20ad%20shutterstock-630x404As CFIB’s preferred partner for recruitment services, we spend more time at Fitzii helping small businesses hire than just about anyone in Canada. Our mission is to level the playing field for smaller companies who, on average, spend twice as much per hire as big businesses, while taking twice as long to fill positions.

We believe that small businesses can actually out-hire big companies if they use best practices that have been proven to increase the chances of making a great hire, while saving time and money in the process.

We’ve created an “ultimate hiring guide” for CFIB members which covers five of our best practices in each of the three major stages in hiring. Today we present our top five tips for sourcing candidates. Next week we will move on to shortlisting candidates, and we will wrap up our three-part series with expert advice on selecting candidates.

These are the insider tips you can leverage for hiring success. Enjoy!

Top-5 Tips for Sourcing Candidates:

The biggest reason small businesses spend so much more per hire than big companies do is because they more often need to use expensive recruiting agencies to fill positions. Smart advertising approaches will help you attract the right kind of candidate and repel the wrong ones – and make using 3rd party recruiters a last resort.

  1. Post Job Ads, NOT Job Descriptions

Most job postings describe what the company and job is, and have a bulleted list of responsibilities and qualifications. This is a job description, not a job advertisement. Fitzii’s postings bring in 3x the qualified candidates because we write compelling ad copy that actually sells your company, and tells the ideal candidate why they want your job. We share all our secrets of effective job ad writing on our blog, so you can craft a great ad yourself (or have us do it).

2. Searchable Job Titles 


The job title of your ad should contain the key words that your ideal candidate is typing into a job board’s search bar. Ask yourself, what are the jobs they would be looking for? Using those words in the job title will maximize the number of views your job gets, and you can always put the “official” job title in the body of the ad. You can use Indeed’s data to help determine the most searched job titles.

3. Use Your Small Business Advantage 


Small businesses generally have better and more engaged cultures than large companies. Plus, people can make a much bigger impact at a small business, and it’s exactly those kind of ambitious, responsibility-seeking people that you’re looking for. These are your advantages, so make sure to put them front and center in your job ads.

4. Attracting Referrals 


The highest quality source of candidates are referrals, so it’s smart to have a strategy to attract them. Create a referral bonus for your employees and friends, and make it easy for them to email and share your jobs on social media by writing the blurb for them. Having good information on your website about what it’s like to work at your company, and the perks, benefits, and unique elements of your culture will also pay off – the best candidates do their research before deciding whether to apply.

5. Cast a Wide Net 


Quality people are everywhere, so your job ad should be everywhere that your ideal candidates will likely be looking. The major job boards are an obvious choice. Besides providing 30-50% discounts on them, your Hiring Advisor at Fitzii can help you to choose the best ones for each position and location. Free postings at schools or industry groups can also be worthwhile, but be careful of government sites that aren’t up to date, or expensive niche or association job boards which often aren’t worth the money.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

As you can see from these tips, the key to attracting great people to your job posting isn’t about spending a lot of time or money – it’s about working smarter by using proven approaches.

If you’d like more help, it doesn’t cost anything to get some advice from a Fitzii Hiring Advisor, or use the free posting and tracking tool. We love to talk with CFIB members, and we make it really easy to book an appointment – just fill out this form and schedule a time right in our calendar.

And don’t forget to tune in next week as we discuss how to most effectively shortlist candidates.

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fitzii-jansen-225x225Edwin Jansen is the head of growth at Fitzii, CFIB’s preferred partner for recruitment services. Fitzii provides free job posting & tracking software plus access to expert hiring services and discounted job boards to help small businesses hire better, while saving lots of time, money and hassles along the way.

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