Hey Small Biz! Worried about a Canada Post disruption? CFIB has your solution

If your business relies on Canada Post, then you know that your service could be interrupted with 72 hours’ notice, by a strike or lockout.

In order to help your business get through the potential mail stoppage with a minimum of disruption, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is now offering ZoomShipR, our exclusive member-only courier and freight shipping solution, to all independent businesses in Canada until October 1st.

With discounts of up to 30% and online shipment processing in under a minute, ZoomShipR is so convenient and affordable, you may never go back to Canada Post again, strike or no strike.

Sign up for discounted shipping and courier today, with our compliments!


The Canadian Federation of Independent Business represents 109,000 small- to medium-sized businesses across every economic sector in Canada. We advocate on behalf of small businesses in Canada, and we offer exclusive member savings and discounts, small business support and free online education.


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