Small Business Public Holiday Checklist: Victoria Day/ National Patriots’ Day

Victoria Day is recognized as a national public holiday, except in a few provinces. To help you understand your obligations, we have compiled a list of all provinces and their requirements.

As we noted in a previous posting about the Christmas holidays, not following these rules can lead to a potential violation of employment standards, possible audit/inspection, and disgruntled employees. To avoid any issues and ensure you are prepared, please use this Public Holiday Checklist

1.  Are you provincially or federally regulated?

Follow the links below to understand which holidays are observed by your province/territory and how you should compensate your employees according to the Employment Standards Act (ESA) (this information has been provided by CFIB Business Counsellors and/or government websites).

Public Holiday: The following jurisdictions observe Victoria Day on May, 23, 2016

Public Holiday: In Quebec, National Patriots’ Day is observed on May 23, 2016

The following provinces do not observe Victoria Day or other holidays on May 23, 2016

2.  For those provinces that observe the Victoria Day holiday, contact your municipality or town about the following:

Can your business type/industry operate during the holiday?

3.  Are you clear on public holiday rules you should follow?

Yes – keep record of:

  • Public holiday taken by employees
  • Rate of pay for day (according to information from ESA)
  • If a day in lieu was provided (according to information from ESA)
  • Do you have a written agreement with employees (according to information from ESA)?


  • If you’re a member, contact your Business Resources Regional Office at 1-888-234-2232 or email If you are not a member, and have been in business two years or less, sign up today for a six-month free membership!
  • Also, contact your local employment standards office and check with city/town bylaws

CFIB has a partnership with Payworks. Payworks is an organization dedicated to providing you with payroll solutions and can offer solutions on holiday pay. To learn more, visit Payworks to see how they can help you.

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