Win the B2B Social Media Game

In the world of social media, your business has seven seconds to convey your story. Can you pass the test?

Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Vine. Snapchat. Every week there seems to be a new social media network to be a part of.  How do you decide where to put your focus in order to connect with customers?

In this free webinar for CFIB members and guests, we’ll help you develop your B2B social media strategy by answering the whos, the whats, the wheres, the whys and the hows of social media. You’ll learn which networks to focus on, what tools to use, and how to craft a B2B social media strategy in a way that supports your brand and your business goals.

CFIB is pleased to introduce Kevin Smith, owner of The Story Architect.  Kevin has spent over 14 years in enterprise sales and marketing, and after thousands of pitches, he has perfected the art of storytelling. He specializes in using story and strong visual elements to craft and deliver powerful messages that get attention and results.

You will have an opportunity to ask Kevin your social media marketing questions towards the end of the webinar.

Simply click the date preference of your choice to sign up now. Space is limited.

Win the B2B Social Media Game

Tuesday May 31st, 1pm EDT UPDATE: This session fully booked

 Wednesday June 1st, 1pm EDT


Kevin Smith is a Story Architect.  In his career in sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, and politics, Kevin has done over 10,000 pitches.  As the Chief Story Architect for, Kevin helps start-ups, small businesses, and social enterprises unleash their story to secure customers and investors, by helping them understand what their core customer story is and then helping them get their story to market.  His services include branding, messaging, marketing strategy, SEO, Content and Social Media marketing, presentation and pitch design, web design, lead generation, sales coaching and business development.  Kevin is also an educational workshop facilitator at MaRS, a volunteer advisor at the RIC Center, HumberLaunch, and UTM i-CUBE, as well as a frequent speaker at Small Business Enterprise Centers.  He previously worked at Dell for 14+ years in enterprise sales and marketing.


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