CFIB Business Counsellors: Here for You

I was digging through the archives when I found this video. It’s a few years old now but still very relevant. Check it out!


Of course, a few years ago we did not have our free My Startup program for first-time entrepreneurs. Now, If you’ve been in business two years or less, you can join CFIB through our My Startup program and immediately start calling our business counselors for help, advice, and even templates that we will help you customize (all those HR documents you need when you hire your first employee? Yeah, we have those for you.) In addition, you’ll have access to free e-learning courses for your business, pre-notification of free webinars, valuable startup advice landing in your inbox every month and even discounts, free admission and/or exclusive access to important business events in your area. You will also get access to discounts on products and services your business needs!

Join our community of 109,000 small and medium sized enterprises in Canada and find out how much CFIB can do for you.

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