What did mom teach you about entrepreneurship? Tell us!

Many entrepreneurs have an inspiring story about how much their moms or another significant and strong female in their lives have meant to them — My StartUp wants to hear yours as we celebrate Mother’s Day with an open call for blog submissions.

Do you have a story about how your mom or mother figure has lit up your entrepreneurial spirit? Did she give you some fantastic advice that you’d like to pass on to others? Or perhaps you are a mom, and your kids have inspired you. Share your story to help inspire other entrepreneurs, many of whom are just starting their businesses.

Here’s a template that will help us help you get your mom-centric blog published. Make sure you give some attention to these details and be sure to send us your blog by May 6th.

Suggested deets Notes about the deets
Your first and last name
Your company name
Bio (plug yourself!) A short bio of you or your company accompanied by your website and social media links (if you have them).
Photo of you (or your biz) Your photo and/or a company logo and/or a throwback pic of you and your mom. Ideally a high-resolution jpg file, no more than 5MB size; also accept png or, if you’re feeling creative, a gif
Blog ·         No more than 500 words

·         Theme must be on moms (open to interpretation) /entrepreneurship

·         Links that provide context or additional information are encouraged

·         Any promotional messaging you’d like to include about your start-up

·         My StartUp reserves the right to edit blogs for accuracy, grammar, spelling, and brevity

Selected stories will be posted during the entire month of May.

Email your blog submission and relevant attachments (no bigger than 5MB!) to marketing@cfib.ca.

Your mom will be so proud!


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