Breathing innovation into bureaucracy: an Enterprise Toronto event

https___img_evbuc_com_https%253A%252F%252Fcdn_evbuc_com%252Fimages%252F19567091%252F105561988337%252F1%252ForiginalMany of the best ideas come from unlikely environments.

The sugary drink Tang was popularized via the space program.

Apple Computers came from little more than a garage, inspiration, and elbow grease.

McDonald’s French fries were perfected using the equivalent of a potato bazooka that cut them evenly into consistent, fine pieces.

The point is that innovation can strike at any moment in counterintuitive places.

For example, when you hear the word “bureaucracy,” you probably don’t conjure up images of cutting-edge risk-taking. If anything, you’re probably thinking quite the opposite: boring, reactive, timid.

Here’s your chance to challenge a stereotype and learn how a former start-up entrepreneur brought his creative mojo to help usher in a culture of public entrepreneurship in the bureaucracy.

Enterprise Toronto is hosting an event on May 9, 2016, featuring Gabe Klein, the author of Startup City.  Gabe was appointed as the Director of Transportation in both Washington DC and Chicago and made his mark on many innovative projects.

Remember: innovation knows no boundaries and bright ideas are highly transferable. If you’re in the market to learn how public-private collaboration can get results, this is an event for you.

Check out the full event line up.

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