Payroll DIY? Why, when Payworks can do it for you?

Payworks_3CWhen you’re just starting out, you can get used to wearing many hats. Do-it-yourself is bound to come into play when you have a staff of seven. CEO/Creative Director? Webmaster/Tech Support/Receptionist? Thankfully, that needn’t apply to paying your staff, especially if you take advantage of My StartUp’s free six-month membership to get industry-leading rates from Payworks.

Whether you have one employee or twenty, Payworks has a paperless, cloud-based payroll solution to fit your needs, and the cost is less than you might expect. When you consider that in a startup business, your time really is money, your business really can’t afford not to use Payworks.

Depending on the current size of your growing business, there is a Payworks payroll solution that’s right for you.


For simple payroll needs: perfect for a business with fewer than 10 employees on the payroll.


A comprehensive yet straightforward tool for a business with more than 10 employees on the payroll.

Both options include direct deposit, year-end filing and support, records of employment, and online employee self-service. If you have four employees or less, the cost is a flat $7.50 per pay period. If you have a few more employees, the cost per employee is even less.

Simple-And-Smart is so easy and affordable that some self-employed business owners, after they incorporate, use it for just their own pay. Use Simple-And-Smart from the moment you hire your first employee, and you’ll never have to worry about calculating government remittances or preparing T4s. Payworks can do it all!

Maybe math is not your thing, or maybe you just want to remove “Payroll Clerk” from your business card. My StartUp and Payworks make it all possible.

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