Small Business Public Holiday Checklist

kz_clipboard_3485x2323_jpgWith the festive season fast approaching, keep in mind there are specific days legislated for your employees to take as off-days.

Each business must review and understand their federal or provincial obligations for the Public Holiday schedule.

Not understanding these rules can lead to a potential violation of employment standards, potential audit/inspection and disgruntled employees. To avoid any issue and ensure you are prepared, please see our Public Holiday Checklist below:

  • Do you have employees?
    ☐ No – no further action required
    ☐ Yes – proceed to question two
  • Do you normally open on your business on any of the following days?
    ☐ Christmas
    ☐ Boxing Day
    ☐ New Years
    ☐ No
    Continue reading to understand obligations of Public Holiday Pay
  • Are you provincially or federally regulated?
    Follow the links below to understand which holidays are observed by your province and how you should compensate your employees according to the Employment Standards Act (ESA).
    Information has been provided by CFIB Business Counsellors and/or a government site.
    Federally Regulated Rules
    British Columbia
    Nova Scotia
    New Brunswick
    Prince Edward Island
    Newfoundland and Labrador
    Northwest Territories
  • Contact your municipality or town regarding following:
    ☐Can your business type/industry operate during holiday?
  • Are you clear on public holiday rules you should follow?
  • Yes – keep record of:
    ☐Public holiday taken by employees
    ☐Rate of pay for day (according to information from ESA)
    ☐If a day in lieu was provided (according to information from ESA)
    ☐Do you have a written agreement with employees (according to   information from ESA)
  • No – Contact your Business Resources Regional Office at 1-888-234-2232 or email
  • Also, contact your local employment standards office and check with city/town bylaws.

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