Small Business Public Holiday Checklist

kz_clipboard_3485x2323_jpgWith the festive season fast approaching, keep in mind there are specific days legislated for your employees to take as off-days.

Each business must review and understand their federal or provincial obligations for the Public Holiday schedule.

Not understanding these rules can lead to a potential violation of employment standards, potential audit/inspection and disgruntled employees. To avoid any issue and ensure you are prepared, please see our Public Holiday Checklist below:

  • Do you have employees?
    ☐ No – no further action required
    ☐ Yes – proceed to question two
  • Do you normally open on your business on any of the following days?
    ☐ Christmas
    ☐ Boxing Day
    ☐ New Years
    ☐ No
    Continue reading to understand obligations of Public Holiday Pay
  • Are you provincially or federally regulated?
    Follow the links below to understand which holidays are observed by your province and how you should compensate your employees according to the Employment Standards Act (ESA).
    Information has been provided by CFIB Business Counsellors and/or a government site.
    Federally Regulated Rules
    British Columbia
    Nova Scotia
    New Brunswick
    Prince Edward Island
    Newfoundland and Labrador
    Northwest Territories
  • Contact your municipality or town regarding following:
    ☐Can your business type/industry operate during holiday?
  • Are you clear on public holiday rules you should follow?
  • Yes – keep record of:
    ☐Public holiday taken by employees
    ☐Rate of pay for day (according to information from ESA)
    ☐If a day in lieu was provided (according to information from ESA)
    ☐Do you have a written agreement with employees (according to   information from ESA)
  • No – Contact your Business Resources Regional Office at 1-888-234-2232 or email
  • Also, contact your local employment standards office and check with city/town bylaws.

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ZoomShipR: One-stop shopping for shipping over the holidays

ss_transportation_global_43204117Never mind worrying about last-minute shopping: how about last-minute shipping?

You may be able to ease your stress this holiday season by making full use of ZoomShipR.

Take care of your last-minute shipping needs to make sure your gifts arrive on time and on budget.

If shipping costs are weighing down your bottom line, or if you spend too much time and money processing and managing your shipments, ZoomShipR is the right option for you.

Exclusive to My StartUp/CFIB  members, ZoomShipR is an intuitive online shipping tool that compares rates to give you the best deal on courier and small freight shipping (known as “less than truckload,” or “LTL” shipping).

Save on shipping with ZoomShipR

  • A clearinghouse for shipping: compare rates from Canpar®, Purolator®, FedEx Express® and DHL®, as well as a host of LTL carriers. You can save up to 30% off carrier list prices.
  • From postcards to pallets, ZoomShipR gives you a cross-section of local, national, and international shipping options so you’ll know you’re getting the best possible rate.

Save on time with ZoomShipR

  • The shipping interface is easy to navigate so you spend less time shipping and more time growing your business. In most cases, you can process shipments in under a minute: enter your specs, choose a rate, print your shipping label, and ship away.

Ship more and save more: ZoomShipR Rebate Credits

  • Like a frequent flyer program for shipping: the more you ship, the more you save.
  • For every dollar you spend on ZoomShipR (excluding taxes), you’ll receive Rebate Credits based on your total monthly expenditures and the type of shipment. These Rebate Credits are applied to future shipments to save you up to 5% off your shipping costs.

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Happy shipping (and shopping)!

Small Business Support

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business is a non profit organization that exists solely to support and advocate on behalf of Canada’s small businesses. And now the CFIB offers first time entrepreneurs who have registered their business within the last two years an opportunity to join for FREE for six months. During that time, you can call CFIB business counsellors as often as you like with your small biz questions, try out any or all of our small business savings & discounts through our privilege partners, and access free online business education courses. If you haven’t signed up for CFIB’s My StartUp program, try us out now!

Small business: keeping a list of who’s naughty or nice

DeathtoStock_Medium9-resized-with-wordsWhat is the small business version of the naughty or nice list? A customer database. As you may know, the government expects you to keep a naughty or nice list of your customers: a list, database, CRM or other customer engagement software. We are referring to Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL).

Small businesses do not consider themselves to be spammers, of course. However, in the spirit of season’s greetings and to maximize spreading joy to your business, consider following a few tips:

  • Keep a record of your communication
    If you obtained a business card or any type of contact information personally, or you’ve conducted business with someone within the last two years prior to 2017, keep a record. This ensures you have the opportunity to provide a special deal to your customer or potential customer, while keeping in compliance with CASL. If this is an important deal, ensure you call the individual or follow up immediately, while the memory of your interaction is fresh.
  • Identify your naughty list
    Although you wish to promote your business to all your past customers, be sure they do want to hear from you. Maintain an up-to-date list of those who have chosen to subscribe and those who have opted out from your newsletters or promotions. There is nothing worse than annoying a potential customer, as it will be harder to regain their trust; plus your messages may be in contravention of the CASL rules.
  • Keeping control 
    There are many options, software, and programs of which to take advantage to help you with your email campaigns. Before you do so, ensure that your email provider has two important main functions:

    • Method of unsubscribing to your emails
    • Method to provide proof of opt-in or opt-out opportunities
  • Give your customer options
    Customers these days enjoy choosing which communication they wish to receive. For this reason, allow your customers to select which communication they prefer, such as a newsletter, promotions/coupons, or updates. Of course, allow them to choose the frequency – daily, weekly, monthly or another frequency. Giving options to your customers helps to identify their preferences, as well.

‘Tis the season to be jolly,’ which is yet another opportunity to connect with your target market, introduce your product/service, and obtain explicit consent from your market to keep in contact with them in future. If you encounter a Grinch (a customer who doesn’t wish to connect with you), do not let your holiday spirit dim! Just keep giving your customers your complete attention and appreciate what they have done for you throughout the year.



Watch CFIB’s online webinar on CASL.