Tip the scales in favour of work-life balance from your home office

A word of advice from home-based entrepreneur Victor Ng

Scale2Ask anyone who has made the transition from a traditional office to a home-based or virtual office: working from your home office while maintaining a work-life balance can present challenges.

Sometimes, too much flexibility in your work schedule can throw off your balance.

The most successful people who work in home offices, whether they’re entrepreneurs or employees, always know how to prioritize their tasks and minimize distractions. For those working from home, their personal life can be easily mixed with their professional life. A person with a flexible schedule might start work early, run some errands at noon, meet friends for lunch, and then work until late at night. If your schedule is not planned carefully or you lack discipline, you may end up favouring one side.

Victor Ng, president and CEO of Exocloud, understands first-hand the challenges of creating a work-life balance while maintaining a home-based office. Victor has been working from home since 1997 when he founded his first company, Amplus Innovations Inc.

He believes that you need an above-average, self-disciplined mindset and time management skills to set a reasonable and achievable schedule that covers both your working life and your personal life. Before opting to work from home, Ng advises business owners to carefully consider several key factors.

  • Make sure there are minimal distractions in the home environment.
  • Make room for an exclusive space for work.
  • If you are unable to find space for a full office, set aside a section or a table in your home that’s dedicated to work only.

Ng and his team use many software applications and cloud technology to collaborate with others, share data files, keep track of schedules, contacts, emails, manage customer services and relationships, and perform online meetings.

There are other aspects of running a home-based business to consider.  For example, most home offices have limited facilities and space. It may not be easy to expand the business operation and the size of the team. Also, not everybody can work efficiently in a virtual office environment, and this may make it challenging to recruit new team members. It is important to consider whether a home office environment is the right fit for your business operation in the context of possible future expansion.

Generally speaking, Ng recommends a home office, especially for startup entrepreneurs, depending on the industry and business. A few additional questions worth asking:

  • Do you or your team deal with highly confidential or sensitive information and data?
  • Do you work with a team that requires little to no supervision?

As Internet infrastructure and cloud technology boom and improve, Ng believes that more and more people will be able to work at home, saving time, energy and commuting costs. With the convenience of technology, cloud computing, proper set up and a mindset change, there will be little difference between working in a ‘real’ office and working from home.

ExoCloudLogoVictor Ng is the President and CEO of Amplus Innovations, the creators of EXOCLOUD. With nearly 20 years of IT management and consulting services across the GTA, Amplus helps small- and medium-sized businesses, start-up companies and individuals looking for an effective way to create a competitive edge. With vision, passion and true belief in extraordinary customer experience, Amplus brings your business to new heights through its latest cloud-based solutions – EXOCLOUD. EXOCLOUD technologies improve IT efficiency, flexibility, security and scalability for future growth without high hardware, software and maintenance costs.

Website: www.exocloud.ca

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyExoCloud

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/exocloud

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ExoCloud/876137572461200?ref=hl

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