Stock Up on Stock Imagery


Vince Vaughan iStock

Portrait of a handsome business leader crossing his arms with his team standing behind him

Advertising is a must-have for virtually every entrepreneur. Unfortunately, it also has the potential to be expensive and time consuming. That’s why many startups, and even seasoned small business owners, find themselves turning to stock imagery.

Stock imagery has a lot of a few advantages. It is cheap, for example. It’s easy to obtain. Stock images tend to look more professional than the pictures you took of Aunt Edna giving the thumbs up at the family barbeque last year. Oh, and did I mention that it’s cheap?

Unfortunately, some stock images come across as, well, super cheesy. Of course, if super cheesy is what you’re going for, this won’t be a problem. In fact, the cast of the upcoming movie Unfinished Business has teamed up with iStock to help you get your cheesy advertising on.


Unfinished Business iStock

Nothing left to chance – Business Strategy

Unfinished Business  Cast Free iStock

Successful applauding executives sitting at the table

Clever advertising Vince Vaughan

Business team enjoying victory

These fun images are available for free this week (and you can’t get much cheaper than free). And more will be coming soon. Simply click this link: Unfinished Business free iStock photos.

Whether you’re going for silly and fun, like the images above, or serious and profound, let us offer you a few tips.

  1. There are great sites out there, such as iStock and ShutterStock.
  2. Check the fine print for limits of use. Usually you cannot use any element of stock imagery for logos with a standard agreement, for example.
  3. You purchase rights to use the image, but not exclusively, so don’t be surprised if your image shows up elsewhere, even on a competitor’s website or ads.
  4. Ask your friends and family what they think of the images before you purchase. Make sure they are helping your ad campaign, not hindering it.
  5. iStock offers some images for free every week. Even if you don’t have a use for those images right now, it might be a good idea to save the ones you like for future use.
  6. Not every image on the World Wide Web is fair game. Stock imagery is not expensive. Please don’t try to save a few dollars by copying and pasting imagery you find online. If you don’t have express permission to use it, well, you can’t use it.


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