Can You Accept that Spockified Bill at Register?

Yesterday we highlighted some easy yet effective tips to help your business prevent two common types of fraud: counterfeiting and identity theft. Today we share a fun fact about doodling on money. According to a spokesperson for The Bank of Canada, it is inappropriate but not illegal to write, draw or doodle on Canadian money. If a bill has been altered – Laurier magically turned into Spock being the most timely example – it will be taken out of circulation once it has reached the bank. It is not, however, technically defaced to the point of counterfeit.Five_dollars

So all of those retailers who are torn between thinking Spockified $5 bills are a totally awesome tribute to Mr. Spock but probably not acceptable at the register can relax. A hand-drawn Spock on an actual bill does not count as a counterfeit.

For more info you can visit this CBC article, ‘Spocking’ Laurier on $5 not illegal, says Bank of Canada  or this Facebook page, Spock Your Bill

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